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Photo Journal


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Alger Ji-Liang 梁家傑

兔兒神回來 (Return of The Rabbit God), 2021
photography series

Inspired by a queer 18th century Qing Dynasty folktale by scholar and poet 袁枚 (Yuan Mei), 兔兒神回來 (Return of The Rabbit God), is born from navigating identity as a queer Chinese settler of the diaspora. How do you negotiate yourself being in both a cultural space that celebrates your heritage but condemns your queer identity, and a Western space that accepts your queerness but orientalises your cultural identity? Through world building and fashion photography, this work explores these intersections and claims them in full glory - it narrates a contemporary Rabbit God, an androgynous fashion deity who reimagines a new Asian diasporic futurity for bodies navigating the tension between these two spaces. 

Director, Producer, Model: Alger Liang
Production Supervisor: Don James
Photographer: Tyler Bolivar
Assistant Photographer: Terrell Paiva
Makeup Artist: Melfinna Tjugito
Wardrobe Stylist: Rina Ong
Hair Stylist: Patrick Uy
Calligrapher: Sheen Wong
Fashion Designer: Adam Lin-Bungag (notdeadyet)