home with you  (2023 - ongoing)

is a photo project that explores the idea of “home” as a method of place-making, world-building, and kin-making through intimate portraits of people - friends, couples, families, chosen kin, and roommates at home. 

TLDR; I take photos of my friends in their rooms and homes. 

Ever since my Mom passed away in 2021 and when I moved out of home away from my Dad, I’ve been reorientating and negotiating what “home” means. I’ve been trying to fabricate that “feeling” of home that seemingly held my world together. I realized “home” is much more complex and nuanced than just the physical domestic space where we live in, or being with your blood-kin. Home is comprised of chosen relationships, objects, memorabelia, language, food, and so on. This concept is a bit overdone, but as I’m starting to feel settled in my new room that I recently moved into, I think about the ways that we decorate and adorn our rooms, and how rooms are not just a space for rest, but place for world-building that reflects our personhoods.