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Alger Ji-Liang 梁家傑

motherland 母懷之地, 2021
experimental movement film
12 mins 01 sec

A grieving boy moves across liminal spaces, queering time as he searches for someone he’s lost. Through this act, he must confront the tension and trauma within his body to find solace.

motherland is an experimental movement film generously commissionsed and supported by FORM (The Festival of Recorded Movement) in Vancouver, Canada. It premiered on September 17 2021 at FORM and will be submitted to select film festivals. 

Special thanks to Sarah Wong, Joshua Lam, Shiun Okado, Veron Xio, Sophia Wolfe, and Tamar Tabori.


Writer, Director, Producer, Performer, Editor: Alger Ji-Liang
Director, Producer, Editor, Craft Services: Joshua Lam
Choreographer, Behind-the-Scenes Videographer: Sarah Wong
Director of Photography, VFX: Shiun Okada
Background Performers: James Albers, Suyu He, Hubey Razon, Martin Yeo, Ophelia Zhao, Alexander Yeung
1st Assistant Camera: Rachel Chen
2nd Assistant Camera: Kasra Asad
Grip / LX, On-Location Sound: Osmar Wong
Behind-the-Scenes Photographers: Hubey Razon, Gloria Wong
Production Assistant: Michelle Strauss
Production Gear: Sam Lin, Rachel Chen, Brian Cheung, Sam Lin, Shiun Okada
Sound Designer, Music Composer: Veron Xio
Colourist: Patrick Gong
Editing Supervisor: Ian Tan
Foley Artist, Music Supervisor: Alger Ji-Liang
Music: motherland; written and produced by Veron Xio; courtesy of the artist
Music: Unconditional; produced by DJ Houseplants; courtesy of the artist
Rehearsal Studio Space sponsored by Gold Saucer
Production Gear sponsored by Cineworks
Mentors: Nancy Lee, Ying Wang
Translation editors: Aydin Quach, David Ezra Wang